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Welcome to the Inner Circle

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you the Inner Circle, a new podcast network to represent the very best and absolutely worst of podcasting. A new network of savages prepared to take over.


The Home of:

HTNOS, Shit Happens When You Party Naked, SAMPC, The Plunge, NE Pod Will Do, The Hood Diner Podcast and Failing Hollywood

The Inner Circle Presents is the exclusive network to shows such as Comedy is Dead, The Slimmer Circle, ICSP (Inner Circle Sports) and many more to come.

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#NoOffense is the weekly podcast of 3 friends sharing a few drinks and a few laughs while poking fun at the world. Topics ranging from music and movies, to kids and parenting, to current events and social commentary, all while adding a comedic perspective. Nothings off limits! Based out of Tampa, Florida we have a front row seat for all the crazy, weird and outlandish behavior that our home state has to offer and we bring those stories to you in a segment we like to call WTF, or Welcome To Florida. So if you need a break from the politically correct climate of the world, why don’t you crack a beer with us and embrace the nonsense!

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Friends for over 20 years, comedians  Rob Moore and Adam Simmons get together once a week to discuss any and all topics; up to and including but not limited to: the likelihood of non-terrestrial life forms existing, the structural continuity of LeBron James’ hairline and wether or not James Bond is a superhero. Completely unedited and recorded LIVE in Asbury Park New Jersey the Simmons and Moore Podcast will beat you into submission with blazing hot sports takes then help you unwind with deep conversation about 90s R&B and optimizing your everyday life. #SAMPC

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The Hood Diner

Dj Century and The Homie kAZual bring you "The Hood Diner Podcast", serving up glutenous portions of Music, Movies, Fashion, Food, Pop Culture and Current Events. Also interviews with some pretty kick ass people. Every week a different menu, cooking up some comedy and just all around having a blast.

Welcome to The Hood Diner baby...Order Up!

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The Plunge

Three recent college grad friends from New Hampshire get together every week to talk about their discovery of life, awful dating lives, tinder nightmares, pop culture headlines, and create ideas for the entertainment industry. Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network and on twitter @PlungePodcast



Bad is forgivable - boring never is. Jason and Christina are completely off the rails.  Drugs, alcohol, semen samples, penis cakes, and furiously filthy tirades by the rant-master himself: Jason.  Cap it all off with the BEST Samuel L. Jackson impression you will literally EVER hear (as done by Christina), and you've got yourself one hell of a show.  One thing is for sure: You will NEVER get bored when partying with these guys.


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 NE Podcast

Hosts Joby and Mr. Billy C share funny stories of life’s happenings, what to do and not to do with being a dad, general men issues, hot takes, and wrap up every week with this weeks #HeadLines!

Watch them live on YouTube and join in the live chat, that’s full of savages! The audio version drops the same day!

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Failing Hollywood

Hollywood is a filthy beast full of Sex, Drugs, and Explosions. That's why we decided to work in the Film Industry! We witness everything from hilarious accidents to near death experiences while working behind the scenes everyday! We bring you those stories, along with interesting guests, and industry secrets! We give names and don’t have much shame. Prepare to have your ears filled with blood and seaman! Relax, it's just corn syrup!

This is Failing Hollywood!